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Queen of Wands

Fiery and filled with ambition, the Queen of Wands in the tarot represents following one’s passions, the ability to work hard, leadership and operating with confidence. A person referred to the Queen […]

King of Wands

Also known as the charmer, The King of Wands in the Tarot reminds us to follow our passions, to be confident, to have the ability to work hard, leadership and using one’s […]

Knight of Wands

Riding in with passion, the Knight of Wands refers to trips, movement or travel related to work, seeking adventure, and is related to inspiration. The Knight of Wands can also represent creative […]

Page of Wands

Eager to make an announcement, the Page of Wands in the Tarot stands for messages or news related to creativity, art, passion, and work. The Page of Wands can also represent an […]

Ten of Wands

Struggling to walk upright, the Ten of Wands represents a period where one can be heavily labored, carrying burden and being overloaded. It indicates that a time of rest may be needed, […]

Nine of Wands

Tough as nails, the Nine of Wands reminds us that we may be wounded, but not broken. This card indicates overcoming a difficult time, but still needing to be cautious and on […]

Eight of Wands

With speed gliding through the air, the Eight of Wands in the Tarot represents fast motion, action and the movement forward. This can also indicate upcoming travel or messages on their way, […]

Seven of Wands

Not giving up and standing one’s ground, the Seven of Wands represents a time where you may need to take a stance and defend something you believe in. This card represents acting […]