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The World

A nude woman floats in the sky, surrounded by clouds. She is surrounded by a laurel wreath representing victory and completion. Four animals also appear from the clouds, which symbolize the fixed […]


The Angel of Messages, Gabriel, comes out of the clouds and sounds his trumpet. The dead rise out of their caskets naked. The people are shameless. Their arms are opened wide, and […]

The Sun

The Sun shines brightly in the summer sky, indicating happiness and joy. Sunflowers fill a garden in the background, representing abundance. A naked child, symbolizing innocence and newness, rides blissfully on a […]

The Moon

At night in clear skies, a radiant full moon, with a crescent moon inside of it, shines bright. Two watchtowers stand tall at a distance and in the middle of water at […]

The Star

Deep in nature, a naked woman stands at the edge of a pond with two cups floating in reach of each hand. Each cup, filled with water, tips over and water pours […]

The Tower

A tall tower stands atop of a cliff, sounded by dark clouds. Lightning strikes, setting the tower aflame and creating a sudden weakness in the tower’s structure. Two people fall out of […]

The Devil

The two Lovers from the Garden of Eden now have horns and are shackled prisoners of a skull-faced, winged animal. The background is red indicating toxicity, whether it be mental, physical, or […]


An angel with red wings stands at the edge of the water with one foot on land and one foot in the water. With calmness and precision, the angel pours one chalice […]