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Bonding With Your Tarot Deck

Every deck you put your hand to will have a unique way of communicating messages, and each deck has its own personality and traits. If you purchase a new tarot card decks start by building a bond with them before using them so as to attune yourself to be receptive to their messages.

Study Each Card – Right off the bat, flip through your cards to get to know them better. You can decide to go to a quiet place, opening up the deck and just flipping through the cards. You can do this one by one or go off straight to your favorite card, with the card that instantly grabs your attention, or go with minors or majors. If your gut says so, open up the book that comes with it and start going through it. At this point, let your instincts flow. Observe what you feel when you look at the card, your feelings, what the characters in the card represent, what it means to you. You can also decide to meditate on the card to check what flows when you think about the meaning. Be curious to know more about the deck.

Make Them Your Bedside Companion – Yes, you read that right. Make the deck your bedside companion. Keep it on your nightstand, under your pillow, or anywhere within close proximity.

The idea behind this is, it builds a strong channel to let the messages flow to your subconscious, in the form of dreams. This is also a good time to get yourself a tarot journal. On a more rational side, this will assure that you use your deck more often. Doing a reading first thing in the morning and the last thing before going to bed is another way to get acquainted with the cards.

Cleanse And Charge Them – There are a handful of ways to do this. You can begin by cleansing the deck by using sage, incense, or anything you are intuitively drawn towards. Begin by lighting it, and imagine the smoke carrying away anything negative or unwanted energies away. Set the intention to clear the deck of anything that is not serving the higher purpose. Once you are done clearing it, begin charging the deck with positive energies. You can do something as simple as visualization, where you imagine positive energies flowing through your hands to the deck, charging it with your good intentions, or using crystals to help you do so.

Have A Conversation – As unreal as it sounds, its what helps build a strong connection with the deck. This means you treat it like a new family member and give it respect, and talk as though you’re getting to know them. Introduce yourself, communicate your intentions, tell the deck why you’re doing a reading, the more you talk, the better. After reading, remember to give thanks too! Just as you thank the Universe or God once your wish comes true, you need to thank the deck and the angels who helped you through the reading.

Do A Daily Draw – A daily draw is the best way to get to know your deck better. Start your day by pulling out a card and asking something like ‘what do I need to be aware of today?’ or ‘What do I need to know about my day?’ and pull a card and see what it interprets. This will slowly strengthen the bond and help understand your deck better. As you see, there are a number of ways to bond with your cards. Don’t be hesitant to go with the one your intuition picks. Once you build a connection with your deck, whenever your gut says so, its time to begin your first reading. Here are a few mistakes to avoid as a beginner tarot reader.

“Hi, I’m Emilie a New York City, native who started to dive into the world of tarot and spirituality over twenty years ago.  And, I just love the Tarot. I love the tarot because it has helped me in so many ways. It has helped me navigate through the rubble that life sometimes throws our way, helped me connect with lost ones, helps me make the right decisions.

Following my deep love for the Tarot and reading as an expert over the years, I decided to turn my passion into my career. Now I am a full-time diviner (Tarot Readings )and help others through tarot just as it has helped me.

I also love teaching tarot.  I am an Instructor of tarot  (Learn Tarot )in which I teach my students how to become confident readers for themselves and others.  On the side, I also am a tarot deck creator. I am the creator of Simplicity Tarot  ( My Tarot deck )with several more decks in creation.  I am a lover of everything in the forest, crystals, and of course roses. If you are in need and looking for help I am here to help you every step of the way through tarot and divination without the  fluffy fairy tales.

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