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5 Ways Tarot Cards Can Heal You

5 Ways Tarot Cards Can Heal You

The power of tarot cards is limitless. The beautiful healing that the cards provide is in miraculous ways and at times, beyond one’s imagination. Whether you’re doing a reading for yourself or are taking help from a tarot reader, know that you are on the right path and you will be blessed. Here are 5 ways tarot cards can heal you –

Help Understand Yourself Better

To improve your quality of life or become your better self, you need to be fully aware of yourself. This includes your strengths, weaknesses, triggers, and traits. You need to be aware of your traumas, how they influenced your subconscious, and how they shaped you to be the person you are today. Tarot cards help you discover your true self, your past, and your inner self. They help you understand your footprints on the path, as well as give you an idea about what the future holds. It helps you plan, change, understand, and implement better things to help mold your life for the better.

Take Care Of Your Mental Health

Mental health wounds can be quite traumatic and during times of emotional despair, everything may seem to go downhill, like there isn’t any bigger picture to look at. This is an extremely delicate time as it might induce a state of fear or give up. Tarot cards can speak the language of love, point you in the right direction and be the shoulder you need while guiding you with what you require to change in your situation. Tarot cards become the ray of hope as well as the light that shows you the brighter side of life.

Tarot Meditation – Manifestation

If you’re trying to manifest anything in life, make tarot your manifestation tool. Simply choose a card that represents what your goal is, pick the card that describes your goal the best, and sit with it. Hold it between your palms as you meditate and visualize yourself in the image. Think about everything that you want as if you’re receiving it NOW. Give the card your energy and embrace it. Once you are aligned with the energy of the card and embrace it, your manifestation will come true.

Tarot Meditation – Cutting Yourself Lose

If you feel like you’re stuck in a situation that is no longer serving you, or have a bad habit you want to get rid of, perform a healing meditation with a tarot card. Pick a card that resonates with your situation – it can be an image or the energy you feel that matches your situation. Imagine yourself being the person in the image, imagine yourself in the exact situation, the surroundings, and how you look. Then imagine what you feel, your thoughts. Now imagine yourself breaking loose from the situation. Be it physically, mentally, how would you do to get out? Visualize yourself trying to escape and finally being free.

Clarity On A Situation

We often find ourselves in situations where there’s nothing but confusion. When stuck in a dilemma, tarot cards provide the clarity you need, they reveal the entire situation by going in-depth till the root. When you are in a position where you find it difficult to observe the situation by disconnecting yourself from the situation, tarot comes to the rescue and lays before you an unbiased, true version of the event. It tells you the backstory as well as strategize an action plan to fix the situation.

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Discover the true powers of tarot cards that lie beyond giving a clear reading and heal yourself along the way.

“Hi, I’m Emilie a New York City, native who started to dive into the world of tarot and spirituality over twenty years ago.  And, I just love the Tarot. I love the tarot because it has helped me in so many ways. It has helped me navigate through the rubble that life sometimes throws our way, helped me connect with lost ones, helps me make the right decisions.

Following my deep love for the Tarot and reading as an expert over the years, I decided to turn my passion into my career. Now I am a full-time diviner (Tarot Readings )and help others through tarot just as it has helped me.

I also love teaching tarot.  I am an Instructor of tarot  (Learn Tarot )in which I teach my students how to become confident readers for themselves and others.  On the side, I also am a tarot deck creator. I am the creator of Simplicity Tarot  ( My Tarot deck )with several more decks in creation.  I am a lover of everything in the forest, crystals, and of course roses.

If you are looking for help to finally become the Tarot diviner you were meant to be I am here to help you every step of the way.


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