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Reading Time Frames With Tarot | Easily learn how to predict time frames with the tarot

It’s time to finally TRULY step up your Tarot Reading game by nailing Tarot Time Frames once and for all. 

Unstuck yourself when asking WHEN with the Tarot cards with these simple 6 methods.

Once you are done with this mini-course you will never feel stuck when reading about Time-Frames with Tarot ever again.

In this mini-course, you will learn how to predict Time Frames with Tarot Cards.

* NEWLY ADDED CONTENT Learn how to predict also specific days, weeks, months, and years & SPEED. 

You will learn:

  • How to Predicting the seasons with Tarot 
  • Predicting any time of day
  • Learn my favorite most used method that used for my clients to predict time frames fast.
  • Learn NOW how to read specific days, weeks, months, and years with the Tarot. 
  • Speed. Learn how to determine the speed of how fast or slow something with happen with the Tarot.

Bonus:  Tarot Timing Cheatsheets – Downable PDF’s for future reference