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The Fool

A jester dances playfully on his tippy toes with one arm behind his back. In his other hand he holds a stick that he has tied to a small sack of his belongings. He is blissful and unaware of his current surroundings and that he is soon to walk off a cliff. A dog barks to call his attention that he is soon to fall. The Jester pays not attention to the dog. The Fool is all about new journeys. The Fool is a traveler. The Fool represents youth. He is young and a free spirit. The Fool additionally tells a person to pay attention to their surroundings, heed warnings and to be blissful. Not everything in life must be so serious.

Upright Keywords: New Beginnings, Feelings of Being Carefree, Youth, Playful

Reversal Keywords: Clumsiness, Stupidity, Irresponsibility, Immaturity

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