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5 Qualities Every Tarot Reader Must Have

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Just like any other professional regardless of what it is, you are going to want to look for certain skills in a tarot reader that will really deliver what you are looking for. Positive online reviews about tarot readers do help as far as sending you to the direction of the ones that are raved about. However, finding the tarot reader that has the qualities you want to see goes beyond what you read online about them. Let’s now talk about the 5 qualities to look for in a tarot reader that you are planning to hire:

1. A Down To Earth And Honest Reader

One of the red flags when it comes to any type of reader is whenever you are told by one that anything they draw up for you is written in stone. Nothing is written in stone ever and that is because we all have free will. And a tarot reader that is honest will make that clear and will also make it clear that the cards that will be drawn up will indicate the outcome that is most likely to happen if you were to take a certain path 

However, you could take a different path due to free will if you don’t like how the outcome looks based on the path you were going to take. A good tarot reader will make that clear as well. You will also be told what the reader sees, not what you want to hear in addition to that. 

2. A Tarot Reader Uses Words That Are Not Intimidating

A good tarot reader will communicate well with his or her clients which means words that are simple and digestible will be used, not words that can be intimidating. This means if the reader constantly uses jargon that the average individual would know nothing about, then that is not the reader to go to at all. 

3. The Tarot Reader Knows The Meaning Of The Cards

The last thing the client would want to do is go to a reader that pulls up cards and is clueless as to what they mean. An indication of that is when the reader draws blanks and has to grab a guide to look up the meanings. That is embarrassing for the reader and a bit let down to the client. 

4. Ethics Are A Huge Deal

Ethical tarot readers will say upfront what type of situations they will not read for such as health, pregnancy, or legal issues. However, some readers will look into those things. And that is fine, but at the same time, if they do, they must make it clear that they are not doctors, lawyers, and can only give basic insight about those issues and will always tell you to see a professional look into it further. 

For instance, if you are inquiring about any health situation and the reader sees that there is a problem with your health – he or she will make it clear that you need to see a doctor so you get a full check-up. A reader must never make any type of diagnosis. 

5. A Little Compassion Goes A Long Way

You definitely want to go to a reader that will be honest about what he or she sees in the cards. But you don’t want to go to one that will be cold, unkind, and that does not have an ounce of compassion. A reader that does not have compassion will make his or her clients uneasy as well. Compassion is a must-have quality in a reader.

Those are the important qualities to look for in a tarot reader. Chances are if there are many positive online reviews about a certain reader, chances are he or she is quite good and possesses each of these qualities. But you will want to perhaps ask those who have had readings from that reader around as well to confirm. Sometimes reviews can be skewed and you want to get the best quality experience as you can!

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