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Intuition vs False Thinking the difference

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This is the time when you will find out as it is time to look at what both intuition and false thinking (wishful or fearful thinking) look like.  

Intuition VS. False Thinking

The thing to remember that when it comes to intuition, it comes from your Higher Self. When it comes to false thinking, it is a result of your ego getting into the way. Now, let’s break it down a little further:

1. Intuitive thoughts are both calm and rational which will not spark emotions because your intuition will always make sense. False thinking regardless of whether it is wishful or fear-inducing will trigger emotions and irrational thinking that can cause you to jump to conclusions. 

2. Intuitive thinking involves you staying in the present and not worrying or thinking about the past or the future. False thinking will cause you to focus on the past or the future. 

3. Intuitive thinking comes to you out of nowhere and once which is the first time. False thinking is a result of you conjuring up a thought even if you don’t consciously realize that, and false thinking is what causes you to second-guess yourself. This is why it is always important to go with the instinct in regards to anything that came to you the first time. Changing your mind or feeling something different about it is a result of false thinking in most situations. 

4. Your intuition may deliver you messages that you will not like, but you will also be at peace with it. False thinking does not do that as it easily creates panic or you to cover up what came to you instinctively with hopeful and wishful thoughts. Anytime you are inclined to become emotional when it comes to a particular thought is not based on intuition. 

5. Intuitive thinking keeps your mind open and you will be open to other possibilities as a result whereas false thinking will cause you to become closed-minded and tunnel-visioned. 

6. Intuition is a problem-solver and allows you to help others based on what you intuitively know. False thinking causes problems and can make you have the mentality of ‘me vs them’. 

Now you have an understanding of how intuition is different from false thinking. The other important thing to pay attention to as well is to sense where in your body your thoughts are coming from. If it comes from your heart or gut, that is intuition. If a thought is drawn up in your head, then you know it is a false thought. With that said, always go with your heart or gut!

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