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Ways To Protect Yourself From Negativity And Psychic Attacks

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How Do You Know That You Are A Psychic Attack Victim?

If you are beginning to question your path, as well as having a lot of anxiety in general, then those are signs that you are being attacked psychically. Additionally, if you have nightmares on a constant basis, and if you are very fatigued, and wondering about your sanity – then you are being attacked psychically. 

However, the good news is, there are easy methods you can utilize in order to heal yourself and to protect yourself from future psychic attacks. Let’s go over those now. 

  • Cord-cutting – You will need to cut imaginary cords each morning and evening with imaginary scissors. The cords are attached to your solar plexus area, and the first person or thing that comes to your mind, that is what is attached to your cord. These cords are invisible, but they are powerful. When you imagine the cords being cut with scissors, it is happening and you are severing yourself from them. While you are doing that, think to yourself that you are cutting attachments that are energetic so you can serve your higher purpose.
  • Cleanse your environment with sage – It is important to cleanse your home with burning sage as often as you feel you need to. Take a bowl while you have the sage burning and cleanse each corner with it. Put the ashes of the sage into the bowl and when you are done, put the ashes back into the earth. Think loving thoughts and thank your spirit guides while you do this process. 
  • A bowl of salt by your side – Salt is cleansing and you will want to keep a bowl of Kosher salt or Himalayan salt by your side where you are on a frequent basis. Salt will keep negative energies at bay and it is a good idea to keep it by your bedside while you are sleeping. 
  • Harnessing the power of crystals – Crystals such as Amethyst and Black Obsidian are excellent when it comes to protecting you from psychic attacks. Keep them with you all of the time, and wear them as pendants as well. Be sure to cleanse them in salt by allowing them to sit in a bowl of it overnight. 
  • White light is powerful – If you envision a bubble of protective white light around you, you are safe and will be protected from psychic attacks and other negativity.

Those tips are very powerful when it comes to keeping you protected from psychic energy that can come at you without you even knowing. Unfortunately, you cannot control who and what will send you psychic attacks. But you can keep yourself safe so you can live your best life and serve your higher purpose without obstacles as a result of psychic attacks. 

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