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What Is The True Meaning Behind The Tower Card?

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Whenever the Tower is drawn, it does not mean that your home or office is literally about to collapse the same way the Death card does not mean that you or someone will die – with the exception of certain circumstances which would depend on the focus of the reading. 

The Tower does represent destruction that is done in a creative way which means something that no longer serves you must collapse and die in order to make room for something that is brand new, serving, and productive. The same way that Death represents transformation.

What the Tower teaches you to do is to take a good look at the structure of a belief, way of thinking, or a habit that is not serving you in any way. In fact, it is stopping you from moving forward which is why it has to go once and for all. You may even know deep down that the very thing that is stopping you from progressing is difficult to get rid of even if you have tried on your own. 

The thing is that it is human nature to cling onto something that brings you security as it is very hard for most of us to get out of our comfort zones. It is like a child that is hanging onto a tattered and old security blanket because it is comforting and familiar but it is falling apart – and eventually, the fabric will disintegrate. Or, it will all of a sudden come out destroyed after being in the dryer as it will not be in one piece. The child will be upset and will throw a tantrum after another, but eventually, the child will learn to move on without the blanket. As a result, the child will begin to mature and grow up without needing any type of security blanket, so to speak. That is what the Tower represents. 

The Tower is there to show you that the very thing that is holding you back must be destroyed and it will come in a harsh, shocking, and unexpected way. It is not showing something that will destroy or hurt you, in fact, it is the contrary. 

That means when the Tower shows up in a spread, it indicates that false beliefs and fantasies will die off in a shocking manner so you can begin to live based on the truth. If the Tower comes up in a reading for you, don’t let that alone cause you to panic. It will also show its effect based on the surrounding cards. 

This means for instance if the Tower comes up in a reading that also includes the wish card which is the 9 of Cups, you will still be affected by the effects from the destruction from old beliefs or something that isn’t serving you – but it will lead you to attain something that you have always wanted. This is why sometimes that Tower card needs to show up as a way to show tough love!

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