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Based On Your Zodiac, This Is Your Tarot Card

Based On Your Zodiac This Is Your Tarot Card

Each zodiac sign is linked to a major arcana in the tarot which represents the personality, characteristics, and true essence of the person. Find what your major arcana says about you and discover your true self –

Aries: The Emperor

You are like The Emperor – full of charisma, strength, and power, authority, as well as loyalty. You are always there for your loved ones and are their go-to when it comes to advice in matters of the intellect, or when someone needs a strong shoulder. Keep working on your self-discipline and embrace your power to keep shining.

Taurus: The Hierophant

Just like The Hierophant, you are calm, grounded, and cautious. You do not believe in taking hasty decisions and possess all the qualities of a mentor. This card advises you to keep walking towards success with the same integrity, learn more, and go out there to seek the truth.

Cancer: The Chariot

You are bold and strong, ready to guide The Chariot. You are someone with a nurturing personality, seek love and affection from the people you love, yet also love your freedom and empty roads, so you can go for what makes you happy. This card advises you to take care of yourself before you lend a hand to others.

Leo: The Strength

Just like the lion, you are full of strength and vigor that helps you shine bright even in the times of despair. You have the ability to control your mind, emotions, walk through the spiritual path, and pick yourself up even if you stumble upon a stone. The card’s advice to you is that when your strength is tested, be yourself – the strong lion that you are, but detach from your ego.

Virgo: The Hermit

Like the Hermit, you often find yourself slowing down and spending time reflecting your thoughts. You are someone who seeks pleasure in spending time alone, as worldly desires do not please you. You are advised to continue spending time with yourself to channelize your thoughts but also make sure you don’t become aloof from the outer world.

Libra: The Justice

You are best represented with the Justice card. You are someone who seeks balance in every situation and always in search of the truth, right, and what’s fair. You are advised not to go in-depth of every situation and safeguard yourself from falling in a rabbit hole and welcome new perspectives with open arms.

Scorpio: Death

Death represents change and transformation. And just like the card, you are always open to change and find yourself shedding what no longer serves you. You have a mysterious personality as it’s easy for you to change your identity, and detach yourself from people or circumstances that don’t appeal to you. You are advised to remind yourself to drop down the weight of anything unwanted right at this moment.

Sagittarius: Temperance

Just like Temperance, you see the good in everything, often resolve conflicts by becoming the meditator. Although you are optimistic, you often find it difficult to deal with emotional and mental troubles. You are advised to keep your eyes on the price when in a challenging situation.

Capricorn: The Devil

You are represented by The Devil, indicating your shadow self. It indicates your contrary inner side that may be affecting you negatively. Your unhealthy thoughts, patterns, or beliefs. You are asked to look into your shadow, identify these traits, and heal to gain strength and believe in a better tomorrow.

 Aquarius: The Star

You are a water bearer, pointing that you should let your emotions flow. You are someone with a great intellect and good fortune. You are unique, intuitive, and social. You are advised to embrace your emotional side and not let it get curbed up in the back of your mind.

Pieces: The Moon

The card indicated that you have a strong inner voice, intuition, and are connected to the mystical side. Your mood changes with the changing of the moon cycle. You are advised that to understand yourself better and get a grip on your life, you need to study the lunar cycles and see how it reflects on your emotions. Now that you discovered more about your tarot card with the help of your zodiac sign, read how your life path number is correlated to your tarot card.

“Hi, I’m Emilie a New York City, native who started to dive into the world of tarot and spirituality over twenty years ago.  And, I just love the Tarot. I love the tarot because it has helped me in so many ways. It has helped me navigate through the rubble that life sometimes throws our way, helped me connect with lost ones, helps me make the right decisions.

Following my deep love for the Tarot and reading as an expert over the years, I decided to turn my passion into my career. Now I am a full-time diviner (Tarot Readings )and help others through tarot just as it has helped me.

I also love teaching tarot.  I am an Instructor of tarot  (Learn Tarot )in which I teach my students how to become confident readers for themselves and others.  On the side, I also am a tarot deck creator. I am the creator of Simplicity Tarot  ( My Tarot deck )with several more decks in creation.  I am a lover of everything in the forest, crystals, and of course roses.

If you are in need and looking for help I am here to help you every step of the way through tarot and divination without the  fluffy fairy tales.

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