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8 Things To Know Before You Go For Your First Tarot Reading

8 Things To Know Before You Go For Your First Tarot Reading

What Is A Tarot Reading?

To the ones who think tarot card readings are basically just hollow spooky sessions, you’re wrong. To the ones who think tarot readers are fortune tellers or mirror images of your life, you couldn’t be more wrong! Tarot card readings are basically healing sessions, with cards as the tool and reader as the source. It acts like a candle of hope when all is lost. Giving you more information than you already have, guiding you through the right path, and a nudge that gets you in the right direction. Here are 8 things to keep in mind before you go for your first reading.

Know Your Questions – Keeping your question prepared should be the first thing you do when you decide to go for a reading, as a session without a clear intention may not be useful. Know exactly what your goal is for the reading. Thinking about questions that you seek answers for makes the reader’s energy channel crystal clear and makes it easier to explore answers.

Don’t Expect Your Reader To Know It All – The tarot is not the same as astrology. Going for a session to find exactly what date you’re going to find your partner or marry the one, might turn out to be a deal-breaker as a tarot reader isn’t the same as a fortune teller. Like mentioned earlier, it is just the light that guides you to help make a decision or to assure you that you’re on the right path.

Allow Yourself To Heal – Going with the intention to just seek answers should not be the only aim to go for a reading session. These sessions also heal the person from inside. Confiding in your reader is where you begin your healing. Trusting them is the next step. This will open you up to feelings and make you aware of the ones you never knew were inside you. Know that the universe attracts the things you think about. Go in with a positive mindset and you’ll get positive results. Even if you’re in the lowest of lows, going with a positive outlook for the session will help you get the most out of the reading.

Know That The Reading Is About You – Asking questions like “ Does he love me?” may not give you the answers you desire. More often than not, the reading can leave you all confused. Remember that it’s more of what you feel than what’s there in someone else’s heart. Clear your mind and seek answers for yourself.

Right Questions – While having a clear reason as to why you’re getting a reading can help you generate the question that you need, it may not be the question that can help you in the reading. Confused? Okay, let’s say for example you’re planning to quit your job because a co-worker is bothering you. You know for a fact that it’s something you can’t take and decide to take a reading to ask a yes or no question like – “Should I quit my job?” While this question sounds super easy and you hope to get a clear answer, the answer to this can actually leave you in a state of a dilemma, if you’re not already in one. The reason being, that you’re expecting your reader to give you exactly what you want. Instead of asking this question, you can ask “ What can I do to make the situation better” or “ Why is this person bothering me so much” and take it from there.

Go With An Open Mind – Going for reading with disbelief can be a complete waste of time and resources. If you’ve decided to go for a reading, keep your beliefs, ideas aside, and just trust. You can contemplate on the reading once you are done. But for now, having faith is what can get you closer to your answers.

Just remember that whenever you decide to get your first reading, know that it is the perfect time for you so be ready to embrace the truth, healing, and guidance given to you by the tarot cards.

“Hi, I’m Emilie a New York City, native who started to dive into the world of tarot and spirituality over twenty years ago.  And, I just love the Tarot. I love the tarot because it has helped me in so many ways. It has helped me navigate through the rubble that life sometimes throws our way, helped me connect with lost ones, helps me make the right decisions.

Following my deep love for the Tarot and reading as an expert over the years, I decided to turn my passion into my career. Now I am a full-time diviner (Tarot Readings )and help others through tarot just as it has helped me.

I also love teaching tarot.  I am an Instructor of tarot  (Learn Tarot )in which I teach my students how to become confident readers for themselves and others.  On the side, I also am a tarot deck creator. I am the creator of Simplicity Tarot  ( My Tarot deck )with several more decks in creation.  I am a lover of everything in the forest, crystals, and of course roses.

If you are in need and looking for help I am here to help you every step of the way through tarot and divination without the  fluffy fairy tales.

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